Sunday 14 July 2019

International Conference on the Rohingya Crisis in Comparative Perspective


"Chris Sidoti outlines the situation of remaining Rohingyas in Arakan and Genocide War crimes and Crimes against Humanity"
start from 35:00min
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The International Conference on "Rohingya Myanmar genocide" on 4th July 2019: by Imtiaz Ahmed, Zarni, Azeem Ibrahim, Nurul Islam, Deen M Noori chaied by Professor Mary Fulbrook. And other speakers.  

CHRIS SIDOTI: we found in Myanmar's treatment of Rohingya all 5 indicators used in Yugoslavia tribunal to establish the genicidal intent. FFM named top 6 Tatmadaw commanders to be tried for their genocidal crimes. Accountability can only be found internationally. Myanmar does not even have an independent judiciary.  
The crimes committed by Myanmar were not a reaction to any violent incident by Rohingyas. But the crimes were commited in widespread, premeditated, systematic fashion by Myanmar.  

conference details click at UCL 

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