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The formation of BRCA-Melbourne Branch under the BRCA (base in Sydney registered from 1st May 2000), was taken place at the office of RISE (Refugees, Survivors and Exdetainees) in Ross House, on 12nd May 2013 by Melbourne base Rohingyans who permanently reside in Melbourne.

Since this body reformation of the branch and general meeting with the community, are essential and unavoidable, emerging as an independent organization 'ABRO' from 12 April 2015, in order to explore more supports and assistance for its own people.

For the benefit of entire Rohingya people, ABRO will also corporate with Sydney base BRCA and other Rohingya organizations across the glove , as well as, corporation with other Burmese ethnic groups, government agencies, NGOs & INGOs.  

ABRO is dedicated to serve the causes of Rohingya to build a successive Rohingya community in Australian to build a successive Rohingya community in line with mutual trust, respect, harmony and prosperity through out providing welfare supports, education & cultural awareness programs, recreation activities, training secession and resources.

While looking after own community is a duty of everyone does, in the future that would also pave an opportunity for them to look after their members who are facing genocide, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity in Burma (Myanmar) and similar difficulties in transit countries.

  • to provide welfare support:
  • education & cultural awareness programs
  • recreation activities:
  • expansion of wider public relations,
  •  supporting the vulnerable Rohingya people in home and transit countries,
  •  engaging to form genuine federal democratization in Burma/Myanmar.

Contact us:
Fayazullah (chairman, h/p: 0456205522)
Mohammad Amin (secretary, h/p: 0406 466 400)
Habib: 0472 602 436 (correspondent)

Please also contact us if you would like to talk with one of our Welfare Director, Educational Director, Women Affairs, Youth Empowerment, or Cultural Affairs.
Office location: 8 Lightwood Rd, Springvale Vic 3171

Note: All ABRO members are registered and approved members by ABRO therefore if you find any misrepresentation (or) misleading (or) doubt, please inform us for verification..

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