Friday 19 April 2019

Philanthropy Network for People Seeking Asylum and Refuge

by Admin,

The panel of "Philanthropy Network for People Seeking Asylum and Refuge", was held at Hall and Wilcox, 525 Collin St, Melbourne, on 17 April. 
The Panel was organized by Anna Demant (foundation manager of Planet Wheeler Foundation) and presented from various parties.

The session included discussion on-
Finding Solutions & Supports for Rohingya and their situation in Burma, transit countries and in Australia by; 
- Davina ( Head of Human Rights Advocacy at Fisher Dore Lawyers & Coordinator of Statelessness Network Asia Pacific),
- John Littleton (Asia regional manager at Children on the Edge in the Rohingya camps in Bangladesh since 2009), and
- Habib from ABRO.

A separate session on refugees and asylum seekers in Australia and from Nauru and PNG, was also presented by;  
1. Kon Karapanagiotidis (CEO & founder of ASRC),
2. Katie Robertson (director of Legal Advocacy at Human Rights Law Centre),
3. Frances Rush (award winner of- an Order of Australia Medal),
4. David Manne (executive director of Refugee and Legal- RILC),
5. Paul Power ( executive director of Refugee Council- RCOA),