Australian Rohingya Soccer Club

Our community came to Australia as asylum seeker refugees from Burma. In Burma, we experienced persecution and genocide. Most of our team is made up of unaccompanied minors. Once they finish high school they will not have a right to more education in Australia.

We have a small but strong community in Springvale that takes care of each other. The team is like our family in Australia. 

In 2016 we started out with an indoor soccer team and in our first season we made it to the Grand Final. We are really proud of our players for making it this far and we think we can go even further with our outdoor team.

Find out more about the club and connect with: 
Facebook: Australian Rohingya Soccer Club 
Instagram: @aus_rohingya_soccer_club111
YouTube: ar_soccerclub
LinkedIn: Australian Rohingya Soccer Club

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