Thursday 21 February 2019

Refugee Alternatives Conference - 2019

by Admin, 

ABRO has joined the Refugee Alternatives Conference - 2019 organized by Refugee Council of Australia on 19-20 Feb 2019 at the SA University of Adelaide. 

ABRO's spokesperson Habib raised concerns on immigration detention (onshore, offshore and community placement) and surrounding serious impacts and reforming detention.

The conference was joined by over 75 speakers from the various sectors and shared their concerns and ideas regarding the current refugee crisis and human right situation. 
Speaker details at:

ABRO thanks Refugee Council-RCOA, Amnesty International Australia,  activists, organizations, refugee action groups and Apollo Bay Rural Australians for Refugees - ABRAR, politicians, human right lawyers, and individuals who tried the best advocacy for the rights of refugees and refugees detainees.


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