Saturday 31 March 2018

Marxism'18 session: The Rohingya and The False promise of Suu Kyi

by admin, 

Marxism'18 session on "The Rohingya and The False promise of Suu Kyi" was held today 9.30am at Victorian College of Arts jointly with:
Refugee Action Collective, 
NUW and permanent supporter Tim de Beauvoir
a super Teacher from Adelaide who read out several pages about Suu Kyi,
many other individuals, students..

The discussion covered the following topics:
Rohingya Totally Destroyed,
Suu Kyi's power, 
Repatriation deal,
UNHCR's roles, 
Monopoly by IOM,
Actions of UN and intl communities, 

Rohingya situation in transit countries and in Australia also about captive Rohingya refugees in Manus and Nauru detentions. 

Speakers include Ms. HELEN, member of Permanent People Tribunal on Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Vietnam..

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