Sunday 4 October 2015

Melbourne base Srilankan Community Donates for Displaced Rohingyas in Arakan State

by Admin,
Rohingya organization (ABRO) base in Melbourne received the lastest donation amount of (AUD 6315, from USMAA by the mid of Aug 2015.
According to Habib, it been distributed on the ground for  two village tracts (Apauk Wa Pyar-pauk 110 families and Apauk Wa Arlaymu 156 families) of Kyauktaw township on the mid of Sept 2015. And each family received 25kg rice, 1 viss oil, and 1 viss chilli. This is one of the remote locations where aid workers unreachable areas.
Habib added that the displaced Rohingya and Kaman people living in 42 locations across Arakan state numbering about 165,000 according to 2013 data, are ending up in systematic confinement in the hand of heavy persecutions since June 2012.
Fleeing through the sea-routes therefore remains only option of escaping from such situation until international communities come to interfere.


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